Projects and Portfolio is the online presence for the Metro Richmond Police Emerald Society Pipes and Drums band. The site consists of two portions, the public site, and the internal roster, attendence, and gig system. I developed this custom web application using the Laravel Framework so that the Pipe Major and band leadership can better track members and our busy performance schedule. The internal site was the priority so the public site has not been completed yet.

ApartmentBuzz is a robust system to enhance the sense of community and foster communication between residents in an apartment-style building. This system includes an address book and both public and private message boards.

I created ApartmentBuzz when I moved into my apartment after freshman year. Originally, it was a ton of spaghetti code with no structure, but now I am in the process of rewriting it using the Laravel Framework.

The RVAHams Net Control Application is designed to assist Net Control Stations during public service events in handling traffic and resource requests. It also allows for internal communications between multiple net controls. More information to be published soon.